The Alpaca Story

The Alpaca Story

What’s not to love about the majestic Alpaca?

Adorable personality?


Killer smile?


A coat so lush and soft that clouds only wish they could be so dreamy? 

Check, check, check!

All kidding aside, it’s a fact that alpaca farming has become hugely popular because it provides a lucrative income, and the fleece creates a yarn that remains a firm favourite with knitters. We’ll always love our woolly sheep friends, but let’s take a moment to appreciate our long-necked pals.

Alpacas originate in Peru, however farmers dedicated to the breeding and raising of these gentle creatures can be found the world over. There are upwards of 50,000 registered alpacas in the UK, designated to produce fleece for the yarn manufacturing industry.

One of the most cherished natural fibres in the world, Alpaca fleece is velvety and durable, with a feathery feel and versatility that makes luxurious garments and accessories a breeze to create. Pieces you will treasure for many years. Lightweight enough to offer a silky, smooth finish but substantial enough to create warm and comfortable knits.

At knit + wear we’re proud to use Rowans Yarns to fill our subscription boxes. In the Alpaca Collection will find Alpaca Classic – a fine-weight yarn that combines cotton mesh filled with alpaca fibre, Alpaca Soft DK – a blend of fine alpaca + fine Merino, and Brushed Fleece - a cosy blend of alpaca, wool and polyamide in a selection of our designs, such as:

Rowan Yarns is committed to using only resources from ethical and sustainable suppliers, so partners with contractors and producers who have a proven record of having the highest standards of animal welfare. Their alpaca partners are no exception to this.

There's never been a better time to get your hands on one - or a few - of our Alpaca Collection designs!

Happy knitting! x

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