knit + wear loyalty program

We’re introducing a new way to knit + wear.

Here at knit + wear we take all the amazing feedback we receive, so that we can make our stylish and popular kits advantageous to every one of our valued customers.

Everyone knits at different speeds. So, to get the most out of every box, knit + wear is switching from a subscription model with a quarterly automatic renewal, to a loyalty-based membership program, where you earn points to use towards discounts on future purchases.

No automatic renewals, no restrictions on how often you order, and no limitations on which kits you can choose from. All knit + wear designs are available to buy any time, without the commitment of a subscription.

We want to give YOU maximum flexibility and the best value for money. We still offer huge savings on quality Rowan yarns and include exclusive patterns from our knit + wear design studio, along with special gifts from time to time.

If you have ordered from knit + wear before, you're already a member! Your account details and points balance from previous purchases are already calculated and appear on your account. You will simply need to reset your password and check that we have the correct shipping details on file, the next time you log in.

If you are a first time customer, sign up to become a member here.



Loyalty Reward Membership Terms and Conditions

New customers will be asked to sign up to become a member, in order to collect loyalty reward points. Please visit out Privacy Policy page to review how your information is stored.

Customers who have previously purchased from are automatically members in the Loyalty Rewards program.

Points are earned by purchasing full-priced items from and are calculated based on purchase price of the items in the order before the shipping cost.

However, in the case where loyalty points discounts are applied to a purchase, new points may be earned and are calculated based on the price after discount.

Points do not expire. Points are non-transferrable.

Earned points are added to the account balance after the payment transaction has been completed, and thus only used on subsequent purchases, at the customer’s discretion.

Accrued loyalty program points have been calculated to include all customer purchases, including subscriptions, made prior to December 31, 2023. All points earned for subsequent purchases will be added to those customers’ existing balances.

Redemption of points

Minimum points that can be redeemed for a discount is 20. Maximum is 100. The number of points redeemed equals a discount percentage from the full purchase price, per item, before shipping.

At the point of sale, a customer has the option to select the number of points they wish to use, if any. Points may be used as follows and will apply to each full-priced item in the order. 


% Discount

£95 boxes (£ off price)

£85 boxes (£ off price)

£78 boxes (£ off price)

£28 boxes (£ off price)

£22 boxes (£ off price)

20 points







30 points







40 points







50 points







60 points







70 points







80 points







90 points







100 points








Where a promotional discount, i.e. non-loyalty program, is applied to an entire order or an item in the order is sale priced, points may not be earned or redeemed in that transaction or to the sale-priced item.